Thursday, 13 February 2014

Speaks Louder Than Words - Tim From Transgressive

Speaks Louder Than Words is the podcast I produce and edit. Strangely, I've never really felt the need to mention it on Some Call It Noise before as, in my head at least, the two have always been very separate. The podcast is part of my work life. It's produced for Warner/Chappell Music and deals solely with Warner/Chappell artists and writers. The blog on the other hand is a personal thing, about music that is important to me regardless of where it comes from. The reason that I'm sharing the podcast on Some Call It Noise now is because this latest episode (which includes one of my rare appearances in front of the microphone) is one of the closest the subject matter has come to crossing over.

Transgressive records is a brilliant independent label run by Tim Dellow (@transgressiveHQ) and Toby L (@MrTobyL) that has put out a lot of great records by some wonderful bands (eg. The Shins, Mystery Jets, At The Drive In, Pulled Apart By Horses). Our regular host Dave Reed and myself sat down and spoke to Tim, who I've known for about 4 years but rarely get a chance to have a long conversation with. It turns out we share a love for vinyl, 80's/90's underground rock and labels like Touch And Go, Sub Pop and Dischord (this episode features the podcast's first references to both Hüsker Dü and Mudhoney). Tim is a very friendly guy and a real music fiend, so it seemed like this was the perfect Speaks Louder Than Words episode to post here. It's all free to download, right here on iTunes.

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